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Number one source of treadmill product information, comparison guides and buying guides for home treadmills, office treadmills and running machines

Your location for essential treadmill accessories such as treadmill floor mats, treadmill phone holders, treadmill covers and associated products such as desks suited to treadmill use

Our founder has been an avid runner and fitness enthusiast for over 10 years. Tasha spent countless time and money on research, education, and training to improve her knowledge. Treadmill City was founded to provide that knowledge to the fitness community and create better all around athletes. We focus on helping the average Joe become the outstanding Joe.

Why Choose Treadmill City?

Our team conducts extensive research on the industry's best treadmills, brands, accessories, and comfort or maintenance products so that you don't have to.

We thoroughly test out products and write unbiased, honest reviews to help you find reliable and true information.

Our research based approach to product reviews is what really sets us apart.

We don’t shy away from any product or brand – we want to test them all. From big names like Nordictrack and Peloton, to lesser known brands like Feier.

We are always on the hunt for a great treadmill – and on finding how to make them greater. Like adding treadmill accessories or doing routine maintenance to protect our investments.

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Our History

Treadmill City was started in 2019 as a go-to resource location for everything in the treadmill fitness space. Back then it was just our founder reviewing products in her spare time. Now we have a team of experts who analyze and compare running machines and their accessories.

Whether you’re an avid runner or a beginner, we cover what you need to know. We provide buying guides, treadmill reviews and informative articles. We help people get the most out of their workouts and machines – ultimately, helping them get the most out of themselves. 


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