Best Types of Treadmills (Top Rated, Real Reviews and Buyers Guide)

Types of treadmills

Certain fitness equipment can be a significant game-changer when you are committed to improving your wellness and acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Among today’s most popular fitness equipment, we have treadmills. If you are currently searching for one, you should know that there are different types, which may or may not be suitable for you. This … Read more

Pink Treadmill (Top Rated and Buyers Guide)

Pink treadmill

In the hunt for a pink treadmill? We hear you, if you are all about getting your cardio done in style, then a pink treadmill might be exactly what you need. When you decide to take your wellness into your own hands, certain equipment helps you achieve your fitness goals, much easier. This is the … Read more

Anti Gravity Treadmill (2022 Reviews and Buying Guides)

Anti gravity treadmill 1 - anti gravity treadmill (2022 reviews and buying guides)

Ever heard about a treadmill with NASA technology? Then you’ve probably heard about the anti gravity treadmill, which was originally created for astronauts at the International Space Station to help enable them to exercise. This type of machinery has been found to be of great benefit for patients looking to gain mobility, strength, natural movement, … Read more